Full Day Cultural Tour

Spend the day with Josh 'Koomal' exploring the best of the Dunsborough - Yallingup Region and immerse all of your senses in an authentic Aboriginal cultural experience.

Explore the diverse landscape. Discover cultural activities and traditional lifestyles of the local people. Bushwalk and coastal forage for native bush foods, learn about the native plants and medicines whilst hearing about their traditional uses.  See the art of traditional fire lighting and tool making.

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Aboriginal Food, Culture, Cave & Didge Tour

Take a guided bushwalk with Josh 'Koomal' to forage for native bush foods, plants and medicines whilst hearing about their traditional uses.

Learn about the six Noongar seasons and how this influences what is eaten. Taste traditional foods and flavours around the campfire which depending on the season could include kangaroo, emu, quandong, emu plum and salt bush.

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Twilight Didgeridoo Cave Tour

Enjoy a short guided bushwalk identifying traditional medicine plants & sharing local knowledge about the region.

Then venture into Ngilgi Cave where the good spirit Ngilgi dwells, to hear Dreamtime legends and a mesmerising didgeridoo performance as part of a unique cave experience.

This is a seasonal tour departing at 4 or 5pm depending on time of sunset. It can be run at alternate times of day upon request.


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Ngilgi Cave Cultural Tour

Journey into Ngilgi Cave and be mesmerised by a live didgeridoo performance, deep inside the cave. 

Take a bushwalk with Koomal and learn how to identify traditional plants, foods and medicines relating to the aboriginal six seasons.

Discover the art of traditional fire lighting and tool making, and participate in a Didgeridoo Music Session.

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Aboriginal Tours Dunsborough

Josh (Koomal) Whiteland

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