Ngilgi Cave Cultural Tour

Journey into Ngilgi Cave and be mesmerised by a live didgeridoo performance and traditional fire-making.

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Twilight Didgeridoo Cave Tour

Join a short bushwalk to discover traditional medicine plants and share local knowledge about the region, then hear the didgeridoo played deep inside the Earth.

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Aboriginal Food, Cave & Didge Tour

Take a guided bushwalk with Josh ‘Koomal’ to forage for native bush foods, and medicines and discover their cultural uses, then sample traditional foods.

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Kaya Cape Experience

­Learn about the deep connection the Wadandi people have to the Cape to Cape region surrounded on three sides by oceans.

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Welcome to Country & Didgeridoo Music Performances

Welcome To Country

A Welcome to Country is suitable for festivals, events, ceremonies, meetings and special occasions. Josh is a talented musician and dancer, performing didgeridoo, percussion and traditional song and dance..

Cultural Awareness & Education Programmes



Book a cultural awareness session with Koomal suitable for corporate and school groups delivering an awareness of country, people, society, environment, science and history through public speaking, artefacts displays and traditional music.

Aboriginal Tours, Art and Culture

Kaya!  Hello!

For over 50,000 years, the Wadandi and Bibbulman people of the Busselton, Dunsborough and Margaret River areas of Australia’s south-west have walked this ancient land.

Together with other Aboriginal groups from an area that stretches from Kalbarri to Esperance, they are also known as Noongar. The Noongar culture is as rich and varied as the countryside itself, and their knowledge of the environment is incredible and fascinating.

Koomal Dreaming is your opportunity to follow in their footsteps and experience Wadandi and Bibbulman country through their eyes.

Wadandi custodian Josh “Koomal” Whiteland will introduce you to the world’s oldest living culture with his authentic, personal interpretation.

Be moved by the skill and intensity of Josh’s didgeridoo playing and fire-making, taste native foods, discover bush medicine and meet the animals, plants and Dreaming spirits that have enriched the lives of Wadandi and Bibbulman people since time began.


Come on a tour with Koomal Dreaming and see life as it has always been.