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Delve into the profound bond between the Wadandi people and the Cape to Cape region with our Cape Naturaliste lighthouse walk. 

Your journey begins with a ‘Welcome to Country’ before Josh leads you on a serene 200-metre loop around the scenic Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse. Here, you’ll be enveloped by the ocean on three sides as Josh interprets the landscape and shares insights and stories through the lens of the Wadandi people. 

After your walk, convene at a secluded Meeting Place and gain a deeper understanding of the tools and items integral to the Wadandi culture. You’ll also get the chance to enjoy a captivating didgeridoo music session against the backdrop of Australian nature. 

This is not just a Cape Naturalise lighthouse walk; it’s a journey through time and tradition, offering a window into the rich cultural tapestry of the Wadandi people and their enduring connection to the land.

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We love taking our guests on immersive Aboriginal culture
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our guests have to say.

This is an amazing experience that any visitor to the South West should make it their priority to enjoy. Josh is a fantastic storyteller/educator and is also a really nice and genuine guy. Spending time with him will leave a lasting impression on any guest that joins his tours. Learning about the Wadandi culture, native foods and bush medicine whilst also witnessing him play the didgeridoo in the beautiful Ngilgi Cave are all incredible experiences. As a local from Margaret River that also runs a tourism business I would highly recommend any visitor to the Margaret River region to book a tour with Josh and Koomal Dreaming as it will be the highlight of your holiday.

P Paul Berry

I had the pleasure of joining a group of colleagues for the Koomal Dreaming Experience this morning, and I must say, it was an absolutely captivating adventure.

Our guide, Josh, deserves special praise for his engaging presence throughout the experience. His deep knowledge and passion for the indigenous culture shone through as he skillfully led us on this remarkable journey. His storytelling abilities brought the history and traditions of the region to life, allowing us to truly immerse ourselves in the cultural richness of the area.

E Evan Lewis

Josh gives an interesting and informative talk. We bring our students here every year to learn about the local customs and history.

R Ryan Marlow
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