Aboriginal Food, Culture, Cave & Didge Tour

Take a guided bushwalk with Josh to forage for native bush foods, and medicines and discover their cultural uses, then sample traditional foods.

Aboriginal Food Cave and Didge Tour

Take a guided bushwalk with Josh to forage for seasonal native bush foods and medicines and discover their cultural uses, immerse all 5 senses in this full 3 hour tour.

Journey into Ngilgi Cave for Josh’s authentic storytelling of the Dreaming and a unique didgeridoo experience; this is the only place you’ll ever hear the ancient instrument through the awesome acoustics inside a cave.

Learn about the six Noongar seasons and how they influence what is hunted and gathered. Discover the art of traditional fire lighting and tool making, as Wadandi custodian Josh demonstrates how to create a spark by rubbing two sticks together and explains how his ancestors created the artifacts you can touch and feel.

Finally, taste traditional foods and flavours around Josh’s campfire with a gourmet BBQ lunch. Depending on the season, these could include kangaroo, emu, quandong, emu plum and salt bush. Served with refreshments and Margaret River Region wine and beers.

Tour Information

Where:  Ngilgi Cave, Yallingup

When:  Upon request 

Adults:       $165     Children (5-16):    $125

Children under 3:  Free

Group Bookings only: Min 10 Max 30

Includes gourmet BBQ lunch with native food tastings, served with refreshments and Margaret River Region wine and beers.

Length of tour:  Approximately 3 hours 

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What Our Visitors Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“Very informative and Food Was Delicious

My friends and I found you very informative and knowledgeable. The tour was well organized and set at a good pace. The kids were engaged and had lots of fun. The food was delicious, well prepared and in generous portions and perfectly suited to all our palates, including the kids, who couldn’t get enough of the roo and mussels! It was wonderful experience that we all enjoyed and would not hesitate to recommend it to others. We are also planning to come back for another one of your tours! We send our very best wishes to you and your family.

E Lin, Australia

Trip Advisor , 16 June 2018

An enlightening and moving cultural discovery

The tour was beyond all expectations. The southwest was brought to life through stories of history and the cultural significance of various sites to the Aboriginal people, somehow giving us a feeling of connectedness to the region. The cave was beautiful and Josh’s talent in dreamtime storytelling and didgeridoo created an extremely moving, nigh on spiritual experience. The food was authentic and tasty, and our group learnt so much despite having lived in the southwest for years! Josh is a genuinely talented and warm person and it was a privilege to have him guide us through the life and country of his family and ancestors. An amazing experience that I recommend to all visitors, and to all locals like myself who would like to know more about this special place. We did the “Food, culture, cave and didg” tour which was great value for our group!!

Cal P Busselton, Australia

Trip Advisor, 6 September 2015

Be Amazed by the Roots of the True Australian Culture

Our 3 hour private tour with Josh was incredible with experiences to be remembered for a long time. His Aboriginal heritage provided us with an understanding of the spirit and it’s people. He explained how the people lived off the land using plants for food, medicine and even the change of seasons when different fish would migrate to their shores. We toured through the cave

Visited April 2015
Condocat, North Carolina

Trip Advisor, 2 April 2015

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